Condensed Milk Brownies

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These condensed milk brownies are chewy, moist, gooey, thick, dense, fudgy and oozing with a powerful chocolatey taste. They are are rich and moist, and with this fool-proof one bowl recipe you can prepare a batch quickly with a few basic ingredients.

These brownies are very easy to bake with a few ingredients. 


- Condensed Milk - Castor Sugar - Brown Sugar - All-purpose flour - Cocoa Powder - Butter - Dark Chocolate  - Salt - Pecans - Eggs - Vanilla Extract 

Heat butter in the saucepan and add dark chocolate and condensed milk.

Whisk until the ingredients are combined. Take off from the stove top and let it cool for five minutes.

In a bowl add the butter mixture with eggs and vanilla extract. Mix until combined.

Add the all-purpose flour and Dutch processed cocoa powder and mix.

Add pecans and fold in the batter. 

Pour the condensed brownie mixture into the 9-inch pan and bake.

Enjoy the best ever BROWNIES !!