Lemon Yogurt Cake

Lemon Yogurt Cake

This delicious Lemon Yogurt Cake has a tender and perfectly light texture and bursting with strong sweet tangy lemon flavor. 

Whisk the dry ingredients. 

Beat the butter and sugar together.

Add in egg yolks one by one and incorporate well after each addition.

Add the yogurt and lemon juice.

Beat the egg whites until soft peaks are formed.

Add in the dry ingredients.

Add the beaten egg whites.

Gently fold into the cake batter.

Pour the cake batter into the Bundt pan.

Let the cake sit on the wire rack for an hour.

Sift the powdered sugar and add lemon juice.

Whisk until combined. 

Pour the lemon glaze on the cake.

Enjoy the best ever Lemon Yogurt Cake.